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The Great American Bash

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Great American Bash report July, 24 2005, Buffalo NY

Great American Bash 2005
Hassan comes out to the ring and comes with the six simpisysers. Hassan says he is going to beat the undertaker and go on to win the World Hevyweigt Title. Undertaker comes to the ring ready to fight. Undertaker goes for a punch and misses, tries a nother punch and misses agian. Hassan ducked and gives undertaker a punch and kicks him. Undertaker gives hassan eight punches in the turnbuckle and then knees him in the gut, then a elbow. Undertaker irishwips him in the other corner of the ring and hassan boots him in the face that made undertaker mad so he gives hassan a big boot  to the face making hassan going down. Undertaker goes for the count and hassan gets out at a count of 2. Undertaker sets up for old school and hits it perfect, then does a modified DDT and gets a 2 count. Undertaker gets thrown out of the ring and gets beat up by the simpathizers (who are hassans' protecters and his followers) and they beat him up and throw him back in the ring then hassan gets a 2 count, with a DDT to undertaker and then puts a headlock on taker. They start exanging punches and then the undertaker gets out of the ring and attacks the simpathizers when another simpathizer chokes undertaker with a wire. They thrown undertaker back in the ring and hassan applies a camel clutch which is hassan's signature move. Undertaker stands up and gives hassan the electric chair. Then does a running closeline in the corner of the ring and then repeats it agian. Then a simpathizer interfiers and the undertaker gives him a snake eye and another simpathizer comes in and undertaker gives him a boot to the face. Does a Closeline to hassan and puches out another simpathizer, then gives hassan a elbow drop and gets a 2 count. Undertaker puches another simpathizer and big boots another one. Undertaker sets up for the tombstone his signature move hassan gets out of it and then undertaker grabs him in by the throte and gives him a choke slam which wins the match but it is not over yet. All of the simpathizers after the match beat the undertaker and throw him out of the ring. Undertaker irishwips one of them into the steel steps. He punches one of them and then he gets the chair and does a gutline choke. After that he throws him into the announce table. Undertaker does a tombstone to the last simpathizer. Udertaker follows hasssan as he tries to escape from all this but undertaker pulls away the steel cages by the entry way and does a last power bomb to hassan all the way down to the concreate floor.

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