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Undertakers Wrestlemania Matches

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Undertakers Wrestlemania Matches
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Undertakers perfect record at wreslemania, 13-0

Undertaker starded at wrestlemania 7 and his latest is wrestlemania 21
7. defeated Jimmy Snuka
8. defeated Jake (The Snake) Roberts
9. deafeted Giant Gonzalez
11. defeated King Kong Buddy 
12. defeated Diesl
13. defeated Phycho Sid ( Won Title)
14. defeated Kane
15. defeated Big Boss Man in a Hell In A Cell
17. defeated Triple H
18. defeated Ric Flair
19. defeated Big Show and A-Train handicap mach
20. defeated Kane
21. defeated Randy Ortan

Undertaker did not particapate in 2 wrestlemanias because of real life injuries. But he has a perfect record 13-0. For People that don't know what wrestlemania means it is like the World Series or the Supel Bowl or the stanley Cup or any other big sports event. It what put wrestlers in the rcored book, it is the grand daddy of them all

came from wrestling encyclopedia