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Undertaker's Tatoos

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Across his neck, the tattoo was first noticable on returning as the American Badass at Judgment Day 2000. The Undertaker had the tattoo done after marrying his wife Sara to symbolize his love for her. 'Taker said in the WWE's Unscripted book "A wedding ring, you can take off, you can hide. But my "Sara" tattoo is out there in full where everybody can see it all the time. I don't wear turtlenecks. If something happens between us. I'll just have to find another woman named Sara."

Thinking Demon

Probably after the Sara tattoo this is the most well known of the Undertaker's tattoos, which he has said is his favourite. It may represent all of the Deadman characters in one.

Original Deadman

This tattoo is called the "Original Deadman" for the fact it was one of the first tattoos Undertaker had done, if not the first. It represents the Original Deadman persona of the Undertaker. The reason for it being a skull is because 'Taker likes skull designs in general.

B.S.K Pride

This tattoo is believed to stand for Bone Street Krewe according to Percy Pringle (Paul Bearer), another name thrown around is Brotherhood of Solitary Knights. It is said this was a biker group with Undertaker and those who ran with him, including Paul Bearer. However, he has not spoke of this one so little is known about it. Maybe we'll never know what it stands for but it is certainly the most controversial tattoo.


This tattoo was featured in the WWE Unscripted book. Representing a wizard following a mythical theme, other than that nothing is known about this tattoo. In fact it is barely visible when Undertaker is on TV, as it is on the inside of his lower right arm.

Fighting Skeleton

Little is known about this tattoo, the only reason Undertaker may have it is because he likes skulls.     Credit