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Wrestlemania 21

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Wrestlemania 21 report April 3,2005 in Los Angeles

WrestleMania 21
The lights go out and the Undertaker comes into the ring. Then randy orton comes out coky thinking he is going to win the match but only what he thinks. Undertaker misses a punch an orton slaps him right in the face. Undertaker does a side headlock and orton does a body drop. Undertaker drills him with a right hand, then irishwips him in the corner of the ring. Orton geos for the RKO ortans signature move and taker throws him out of the ring. Under puts his head on the apron and does a leg drop. Undertaker does a old school and conects. orton does a drop kick landing taker on the out side of the ring. Orton then conects with a closline and gets a 2 count. Taker does a flying DDT, and gets a 2 count. Taker does a sidewalkslam and gets a 2. Taker picks him up and puts him on his shoulders and does a snake eyes on the top turnbukle but Ortan sees it commiming and does a closeline. Undertaker sits up and does one off his closeline to Ortan. Taker aplies a Dragan sleeper. Ortan twirls around and does a DDT. Ortan then does a headlock and Taker does a backsuplex. Ortan gets up before taker and does a powerslam to taker and gets a two. Undertaker tries to go for The Last Ride (Takers other signiture move). Ortan gets out of it and goes for the RKO and taker reverses it and pushed Ortan in the reff. Cowboy Bob Ortan (Ortans dad). Interferes and hits Taker with his famed cast and throws Ortan to cover but only gets a two. Undertaker sits up and is about to give him a chokeslam but does the RKO! Undertaker kicks out at what loks like a two and a half. Ortan gets frusterated and is going to do Undertakers Tombstone Piledriver but Taker reverses it and does the Tombstone to pick up the win at WrestleMania 21 making his streak to 13-0.  

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