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The Undertaker has been involved in numerous different types of Speciality Matches on numerous occasions. Along with other WWE Superstars, the Phenom has competed in the first ever Casket Match, Boiler Room Brawl, Buried Alive Match, Inferno Match, Hell in a Cell, Biker Chain Match and Last Ride Match. The Undertaker hasn't been victorious every single time but he does hold a pretty impressive record, as well as holding the title of being the pioneer of such legendary gimmick matches.


Being the Undertaker, this match seems only fitting to have been pioneered by the Man From The Darkside. To win the match, the scary stipulation is that all that must be done is to ensure the opponent is placed in the casket and the lid is shut, everything else is therefore legal. The African beast, Kamala was the first vitcim to fall prey to having his fate sealed shut in a casket, although many others have had a date with the Deadman in this type of match. Even the Undertaker himself has fallen victim to his own creation when being shut in the casket twice at the Royal Rumble, firstly, by a team of heels at the Royal Rumble 1994 and secondly, by the interference of his trecherous brother Kane at the Royal Rumble 1998, where the Undertaker was also screwed out of winning the WWF Championship from Shawn Michaels. A similar incident occurred when the Undertaker had an opportunity against Goldust for the Intercontinental Championship, only to be attacked by foe, Mankind. The Undertaker has ascended to the heavens and been set on fire, however, the Deadman has scored many victories in casket mathces, including defeats over Kamala, Yokozuna, Kama, Mabel and Heidenreich. A whole long list of Casket Matches have taken place over the past 15 years, but the most famous ones have been on pay-per-view.

Undertaker's Record
- Yokozuna defeated the Undertaker to retain the WWF Championship at Royal Rumble, 22, January 1994
- Undertaker defeated Yokozuna at Survivor Series, 23, November 1994
- Undertaker defeated Kama at SummerSlam, 27, August 1995
- Undertaker defeated Mabel at In Your House 5, 17, December 1995
- Goldust defeated the Undertaker at In Your House 8: Beware of Dog, 26, May 1996
- Shawn Michaels defeated the Undertaker to retain the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble, 18, January 1998
- Undertaker and Kane battled to a No Contest on Raw, 19, October 1998
- Undertaker defeated Rocky Maivia on Raw, 17, May 1999
- Undertaker defeated Heidenreich at Royal Rumble, 30, January 2005
- Randy & Bob Orton defeated the Undertaker at No Mercy, 09, October 2005


From the dark, damp depths of the boiler room, there lurked a strange and deranged being, a man who had entered WWE with a hatred of the Undertaker, Mankind. As part of their well-documented and violent feud during 1996, the challenge for the Undertaker was to be victorious against his nemesis in his playing ground by overcoming the eerie strangeness of battling in a boiler room, making his way to the ring and capturing the urn from his manager, Paul Bearer. In a brutal match that involved pipes, poles, ladders, boxes, fire extinguishers, hot steam, hot coffee, the Undertaker was finally beaten by Mankind when his long time friend, manager and mentor, Paul Bearer made the ultimate betrayal by refusing to hand his Phenom the urn, instead hitting him over the head with it and aligning himself with "the deranged one".

Undertaker's Record
- Mankind defeated the Undertaker at SummerSlam, 18, August 1996


This match first came about as a result of the Undertaker's unforgettable and brutal feud with Mankind in 1996, as a challenge by the Undertaker to rid himself and WWE of "the deranged one". The objective of the match is to put one's opponent in a specially constructed grave and to proceed to cover them in dirt, thus, 'bury him alive'. The first ever Buried Alive Match took place at In Your House 11: Buried Alive in October 1996. The Undertaker has been involved in all four Buried Alive Matches, winning the first to defeat Mankind, only to be buried alive himself. Undertaker and Big Show won the first and only ever tag team Buried Alive match with the help of Triple H. Kane aided in burying the Undertaker in the Buried Alive matches against Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon. After burial, it has been commonplace, for the Undertaker to rise again from the dead and return in an extraordinary fashion.

Undertaker's Record
- Undertaker defeated Mankind at In Your House 11: Buried Alive, 20, October 1996
- Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated the Undertaker at Rock Bottom: In Your House, 13, December 1998
- Undertaker and Big Show defeated The Rock and Mankind on SmackDown!, 07, September 1999
- Vince McMahon defeated the Undertaker at Survivor Series, 16, November 2003


In a bitter battle with his "burned and scarred" younger brother, Kane, their feud continued not only into a heated battle with each other, but with an unforgiving enemy, fire, at Unforgiven 1998. The first ever time this match had taken place, both men, the fans and announcers were concerned about the metal piping structure surrounding the ring, which was throwing flames of hot fire via gas supply. With temperatures increased in more ways than one, the two brothers battled it out within the burning ring of fire. The match was soon taken outside, with the Undertaker making a brave, high-flying deadly leap over the top rope and over the shooting flames, knocking down Kane and an interfering Vader. Undertaker won the match after kicking Kane into the flames, setting his arm on fire. The two would meet again in an Inferno Match a year later on RAW, where the Undertaker was victorious once again.

Undertaker's Record
- Undertaker defeated Kane at Unforgiven: In Your House, 26, April 1998
- Undertaker defeated Kane on Raw, 22, February 1999


Arguably the deadliest, most dangerous match in WWE history, a Hell in a Cell match takes place in a 16-foot enclosed, roofed steel cage, "the cell". Originally designed for the Undertaker to battle Shawn Michaels, the structure was intended to stop Michaels's D-Generation X associates from interfering in the match. However, it was the Undertaker's brother, Kane who would rip off the cell door and cost 'Taker the match. Action often takes place outside of the cell, including Shawn Michaels falling from the top of the cell and the Undertaker throwing Mankind both off and through the cell. Rikishi also fell victim to the Undertaker and was pushed off the cell in a six man match for the WWF Championship.

Undertaker's Record
- Shawn Michaels defeated the Undertaker at In Your House 18: Badd Blood, 05, October 1997
- Steve Austin & the Undertaker battled Kane & Mankind to a No Contest on Raw, 15, June 1998
- Undertaker defeated Mankind at King of the Ring 1998, 28, June 1998
- Undertaker defeated the Big Boss Man at WrestleMania XV, 28, March 1999
- Kurt Angle defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, The Rock, Rikishi and the Undertaker to retain the WWF Championship at Armageddon 2000, 10, December 2000
- Brock Lesnar defeated the Undertaker to retain the WWE Championship at No Mercy 2002, 10, October 2002


One of the more recent speciality matches, the Undertaker has been involved in and apt to his Big Evil persona, the Deadman took on Brock Lesnar in the first ever Biker Chain Match for the WWE Championship at No Mercy 2003. The object of the match was to grab the chain that was hung from a pole and use it on your opponent. However, the odds were stacked against Big Evil with lights going out, interference from the FBI and Mr. McMahon as part of a cunning plan by McMahon to screw 'Taker out of the title.

Undertaker's Record
- Brock Lesnar defeated the Undertaker to retain the WWE Championship at No Mercy 2003, 19, October 2003


As part of a feud with JBL and new title hunt for the WWE Championship upon his return as the Original Deadman, the first ever Last Ride Match took place at No Mercy 2004. The object of the match is to stuff your opponent into the back of a hearse and take them for their "last ride" and drive them out of the arena. With two consecutive losses at the last two No Mercy pay-per-view events, some felt a sickening feeling that the Undertaker's luck would be fatal once again, whereas others believed the Undertaker would win the Championship and take JBL for his "Last Ride". The Undertaker's fate was apparent when a psychotic Heidenreich, hiding in the back of the hearse, interfered, rendering the Phenom unconscious and helping JBL to retain the WWE Championship. The hearse was driven to backstage, with none other than Paul Heyman getting out of the driver's seat. Heidenreich then proceeded to crash into the hearse with another vehicle, an attempt to kill the immortal Deadman once again.

Undertaker's Record
- JBL defeated the Undertaker to retain the WWE Championship at No Mercy 2004, 03, October 2004

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