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Why did they change there name?

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Why did they change there name?
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Wrestling changes name

From now on, world wrestling will offically be reconized as a form of entertainment. The orginazation announced Monday that it is changing its name from world wrestlin federation to world wrestling Entertainment. Thats because another WWF-- The  World Wildlife Fund -- won the right in court to use these initals. " We have entertained millions of fans around the united states and around the globe," Linda McMahon, Chief executive officer of World Wrestling Entertainment said on the companys website.

"Our new name puts the emphasis on the 'E' for entertainment, what our company does bes." Staying true to the company's raucous style, the tempory logo on its web site shows two W's and reads " Get the F out." The wrestling company is based in standford, Conn., and ran by promoter Vince McMahon. It features such stars as The Rock, The Undertaker, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The new logo was reviled on Monday Night Raw

This article was written by WNBC Press on may 7, 2002