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Undertaker's Career

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Undertaker's Career
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Undertaker's career

He started going to the gym between his junior and senior year of college, and met a guy there who was trying to find somebody to go to wrestling school with. He was intersested, but he had basketball. He went to college on a basketball scholarship, and he was good enough that he was getting offers to go overseas and play professionally,people he talked to that knew wrestling said "you fit out a little at 6'8", you could go someplace. He was afan of wrestling, but he put all this time into basketball. But reality hit him one day: At best, He was going to have to or three years in pro basketball, probably Italy or some place overseashe didn't want to be.

So he decided to give wresling a chance. He upset alot of people when he left college; he was 10 credits short of his degree. But he realized at that point what he wanted to do, and the opportunity was there, and wanted to seize that opportunity. His oldest brother told him, " look Mark (undertaker) you don't live life for everybody else. You have to do whats right for you. You can't worry about what mom and dad think, or your coach thinks. You ain't hurting anybody else, you are gonna survive by our own actions". That was pretty much he needed to hear.

He took it from here. Once he was working every week, Did he know he would make it to the level that he did? No;You cant't foresse anything like that. There for a while, he lived in his car, pretty much all of his money went to food. But he wasn't going to ask anybody for help, he had to much pride. And he didn't want to hear any falk about not finishing college. Not that he isn't proud he didn't get a degree, but he made a choice.   

This article came from WWE unscripted Book